Friday, August 28, 2009

Get to know Reid @ 5 Months

Happy Reid at 5 months!Our little dude is five months old today!  The past few weeks have been big for him developmentally.  Here’s a quick catch up:

He had rice cereal for the first time.  It was so funny to watch him eat!  He knew just what to do and he loved it!  Check out this video to see more.  :)

YUM YUM!  Reid's first cereal!  8-16-09Reid, 8-16-09

Next we introduced oatmeal and he hated that.   He made a terrible face, refused another bite, and then cried!  We tried again the next night, then the following night went back to rice cereal.  Now, he won’t eat anything on a spoon!  So we are back to only milk for a few days and we’ll try again sometime soon.   :)

Eating cereal is a messy endeavor so we started giving Reid baths in his new bath chair.  He loves it!Reid is getting a tubby! 8-10-09Reid has been giggling for a while now, but he’s recently started belly laughing and it is AWESOME.   Tell me if you can watch this and not smile or laugh out loud: 

And just last week he started sitting up while holding his hands in front of him (like a tripod).  Today he was sitting up with no problem at all!  He’s a little wobbly, and can’t yet get into a sit without a little help, but really likes his new latitude!Sitting!  8-27-09He is teething but nothing has popped through yet.  So these days he is sometimes in pain, and always a drool machine.  For the most part, the pain and the drool don’t bother him! Look at how wet his shirt is!!Likes:  Reid loves to play with his own hands and ours, too.  He watches Sadie Belle and he just started reaching out to touch her.  He holds on to our neck or arms while we carry him, which I like to think of as “hugging” us.  :)  He coos and “talks” a lot and seems to be testing out his vocal cords even more lately with happy screams.

Dislikes:  sleeping through the night.  Oatmeal.

Nicknames:  “Baby Dude” (Jer) “Mr. Mister” (Jenny)  “Mr. Meatball” (everyone!)

Reid in a Few Words:  Happy, drool-y and choochie (which is a Holly-made-up-word for big, squishy baby!)


holly said...

I just played the video for Ruby and she started laughing with Reid. Too Cute!

Omi Ford said...

I don't know how it is possible but that Reid gets cuter each time I see him. We tried cereal for the first time today and it was a MESS! I'll send you night time vibes... ooo Reid, you are getting sleepy, so sleepy....

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, love the videos and can't wait to see all of you! Reid is really growing and doing so much! How much he has changed in the 4 months since we have seen him!
Love you all!