Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ten Months Old!!

Sweet Little Reid is ten months today!  Can you believe it?!  We can’t!  We last updated you on his stats at 8 months.  Here’s the latest from Baby Reid…Happy Reid!! 1-13-10He’s now about 23 lbs and 29 inches!  He’s still bigger than most of his friends his age, but he’s getting leaner with all his activity and more picky eating.

On the Move:  Reid is a champion crawler!  He pulls up on everything and we’ve even caught him standing a few times!  He’ll push his musical table around the room and has started doing downward dog – which seems to be a step closer to standing on his own.  Check out this link to a video and you’ll get an idea of what I mean.  Sadie’s lazy days are over!  :)

Talking:  Well, “yapping” is more like it.  He babbles throughout the day and sometimes seems to know what he is trying to say.  By far, his favorite thing to say is “Da-da-da-da-da!”  And “Ma-ma-ma” also makes an appearance a couple times a day.  He knows what Momma, Dada, milk, water and Sadie are, and we are introducing signs to him for more words.  One of the most fun noises are the raspberries he gives to the baby in the mirror in the car.Happy Baby is checking himself out in the mirror! 12-31-09Eating:  Mr. Meatball is a pro at eating puffs!  If it is sticky or mush, he’d rather mash it up and throw it on the floor to Sadie.  (She’s now banned from eyesight when Reid is eating.)  But if it is a dry puff or a chunk of cheese, down the gullet it goes!  We start his meals with some finger foods and try to encourage him to try new things, but he is still mostly interested in his pureed meal.  We’ll keep trying!    Yummy puffs! 12-31-09

Playing:  He’s learned how to “play ball” with Sadie.  Which means he mostly holds the ball over his head, smiles, tries to hand the ball to SB, then (finally) throws it and screams.  Reid getting ready to throw the ball for SB, 1-15-10Reid has lots of favorite toys but the loudest, and therefore most fun, is his ball popper.  If this photo had a soundtrack it would be a loud and happy screech. He loves this toy!  (And yes, I still put him in his cute Christmas PJs! :) 1-28-10Sleeping:   I can’t tell you about Reid’s sleeping habits.  I’m too afraid I’ll jinx it.  Let’s just say that we don’t have anything to complain about now, and everyone – especially Sadie – is getting their beauty sleep.  He’s still super cuddly and often falls asleep in our arms.  We love it.

Future Outdoorsman:  On New Year’s Eve we took Reid on his first hike in the backpack to our favorite local trail, St. Edward’s Park.  (The backpack was a gift from our friends Jay, Brenda & Declan!)  He enjoyed it so much he decided to take a little nap.Daddy & Sleepy Reid at St. Edward's park, 12-31-09 Momma & Sleepy Reid at St. Edward's park, 12-31-09 Throughout January he’s been outside a lot!  Bundled up for a walk when' it’s cold…

Going for a walk on a chilly day, 1-11-10

…just a hat when it is cool out and he needed to explore…12-30-09IMG_9154…or on an especially warm day, a coat or hat would get in the way of a good meal of leaves and dirt.Arboretum, 1-22-10Enormously-Huge-Genius-Brain:  Okay, maybe this is a *slight* stretch, but we were pretty impressed when he matched up the colors and pieces in his ball puzzle (from the Gentle family!)  We got so excited that we screamed and clapped and scared him!  But luckily, we didn’t scare him too much because he was back at it again this morning!

He figured out the ball puzzle!  1-27-10  "What's the big deal?"  1-27-10

And believe it or not, Jer taught him to clap his hands for “If you’re happy and you know it…”  We have got to get it on video because it is awesome.  Guaranteed to make you happy!  :)

Mr. Personality:  Reid is a happy, loving little guy.  He is great at giving hugs, laughing and squealing with joy.  Just the other day, a man who saw Reid happily squawking and waving his arms said, “I wish I had something to be that excited about.”  That was yet another great reminder that we have an extra-special Little Dude.  We love our happy little Reid!!Reid & Momma, 1-22-10Reid & Daddy, 1-1-10


Bev said...

Aww thanks for the updates! I love reading about how much he's grown and and all his new skills. I want a ball popper now!

Anonymous said...

What a happy, curious little guy! Can't believe he is 10 months old already.

stephanie said...

I love him. I miss him. I can't wait to see you all!!!