Sunday, November 21, 2010

Getting a Jumpstart on our Holiday Cards

Today we met with Beverly to take some family portraits for our holiday card.  Knowing Bev, she somehow managed to capture some good ones even with our crazy little guy and crazy puppy!

What’s funny is that this was the calendar entry on my “Count Down to my Birth” calendar we have for newbaby:It's hard to read so here is the text: "I wish I could see what 'we' look like right now.  Please take a picture of your belly to show me someday when I'm older."I guess it was a good day to take photos!

And then I remembered that my friend Kim did a blog post last week about free Shutterfly cards for bloggers so I decided to check it out.  Of course, there is a catch:  you have to do a blog post about it.  Well, okay.  I probably would have anyway…

For the past five years I’ve made Jer a calendar from Shutterfly with pictures of Sadie Belle for his office.  Last year she had to share the spotlight with Baby Reid.  (What’s new there?!)  So while Reid is napping, I’m working on Jer’s 2011 calendar.  He’s sitting right next to me…I think the surprise is gone.  :)  I think this photo will be my inspiration for this year’s calendar.Reid & SB playing tug - Nov. 2010


Juan and Kim said...

Ah, a SB calendar is such a great idea. Poor neglected Ringo would love to be the subject of a calendar :)

Anonymous said...

I love your family holiday cards and can't wait to see this years! I keep them, you know. It's a nice way to chronicle my friends' growing families, especially those like you that I love dearly but never get to see.

I am doing my first "Yay Life!" holiday card this year. Get ready... :)

Miss you, lady. Will call to catch up soon!