Friday, November 12, 2010

October Fun with the Allaire Cousins!

How many snapshots does it take to get five kids to look at the camera?!?  Well, I wouldn’t know.  This is the best we could do (and there were three cameras going and each took at least 10 shots before one kiddo escaped!)Allaire cousins:  Faith, Annabelle, Carly, Reid & Avery Okay, let’s try again later and see what happens…Carly, Avery, Reid, Faith & Annabelle - Oct. 2010 Action shot! Carly, Avery, Reid, Faith & Annabelle - Oct. 2010 Umm…no.  We’ll keep trying! 

A few weekends ago Reid and I spent a few days in Ft. Worth with my family while Jer went to State College, PA to have some fun (and beer and a clam bake and a tailgate and no babies and…).

Reid, Gramma and I went to Trinity Park in Fort Worth to ride the train.  He LOVED it!Gramma & Reid - Oct 2010Gramma, Jenny & Reid - Oct. 2010 Reid and Grampa went on a bike ride and had fun making “music.”Reid & Grampa go for a buggy ride - Oct. 2010Reid & Grampa make music - Oct. 2010We went with the Flores family to a farm park to see the animals. Reid adores his big cousin Avery…can you tell? :)Reid & Avery - Oct 2010Reid & Carly check out the chickens.Reid & Carly check out the chickens - Oct 2010The only animal Reid wanted to touch was the baby cow.  Reid & Dada - Oct 2010Reid - Oct 2010 Apparently, the test of a good pumpkin is how well does it sit. :)Reid - Oct 2010He’s our happy little pumpkin!Reid - Oct 2010Reid - Oct 2010

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