Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good Customer Service

So many times, bad customer service gets our attention and sticks in our mind.  (For example, I will NEVER AGAIN shop at my neighborhood Walgreens.  Never. Ever.)

In the past week, we’ve had two great examples of customer service that are worth sharing.

Angie’s List sent Jer a big bag of M&Ms for referring someone to their service.  M&Ms - Mmmmmm...We enjoyed the M&Ms while sorting mail and paying bills.  It was a nice, unexpected gesture from a company we already like doing business with.

Today, Reid got a letter from his new dentist reminding us of the regular cleaning visits, and asking what he’s interested in so they could get to know him better:Letter from Dr. JennyThey included a photo of a serious Reid holding a giant toothbrush they took during the visit. Reid's first dentist visit - Oct 2010Despite the look on Reid’s face, we had a great experience at the dentist.  And this was a nice way to follow up, don’t you think?

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