Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What NOT to Say to a Preggo

For some reason, as a woman gets bigger with pregnancy, one of the most common topics of conversation is her size, and how big she’ll get.  At no other time in a woman’s life would her belly, boobs or shoe size be anyone else’s business to discuss.  Well, not to her face, anyway.

So, while I’m notorious for saying just the wrong thing myself, I thought I’d share a few gems with you that I’ve heard in the last, oh 30-something weeks…

“Whoa!  You’re gianormous!”  (Note:  This was said to me at 29 weeks.  I won’t tell you what my first thought was – this is a PG rated blog, after all.  My second thought was, “If I’m gianormous now, how GIGANTIC will I be at 40 weeks?!”  My third thought was, “Am I really big enough that you had to make up a word?  I mean, couldn’t ‘giant’ or ‘enormous’ be good enough?!”)

“Can I touch your boobs?”  (In case there is any doubt, this was NOT Jeremy, and, I said “no.”)

“How much weight have you gained?”  (For some reason, I answered this question.  Now that I’m in my 36th week, I consider that privileged information.)

And while I’m at it, I said something to a preggo that I will NEVER forgive myself for saying. On Halloween, a cute little mom and her two daughters were at our front door.  The mom had an adorable round belly under her tank top.  (Do you see where this is going?!)  We chatted for a minute about kids and pregnancy and I asked when she was due.  She looked at me in horror and said that her husband was in my driveway holding her 6 month-old son. “Do I still look pregnant?!” 


I felt like a total shit.  See?!  It can happen to anyone!!  :(

Share your own cringe-worthy comments here.  I promise, you’ll feel better.  I do.  :)


stephanie said...

I was feeling terrible one day and trying to walk down the hall, minding my own business (heading strait for the bathroom) and then another teacher says..."Whoa, you have a pregnant waddle already!!!" my response was..."no I am just trying not to puke in the hallway."

Thanks! (and that was at about 15 weeks)

Jenny said...

Good thing you didn't puke in front of her.

I'm glad to hear that you gave up morning sickness for Lent. Such a good girl...


Anonymous said...

Jenny, you are a hoot! I love reading your blogs. Nothing has changed as far as "What Not to Say to a Preggo" since I had my kids (back in the Dark Ages). People say the darndest things! Ammy

Anonymous said...

"Excuse me while I switch to my wide-angle lens!" Thought it was a funny wished I'd read this before the visit. Sorry. Uncle Mike

Anonymous said...

Other gems:

She's gonna blow!!!!
Roll her back into the water!!!