Sunday, November 14, 2010

Flashback: Summer Fun in the Water

Reid *loves* the water. Dada & Reid - Sept 2010 He loves baths… Taking a tubby with his cousin Alex - Sept 2010 …pools…Reid & Dada - May 2010…lakes…Reid & Dada go tubing behind a jetski while Momma is very nervous on the shore! - Sept 2010…boats…Reid loves wind in his hair! - Sept 2010…fish tanks…Fish tank at the Austin Children's Museum - April 2010…hoses…Reid - 2010…Barton Springs…IMG_0301…puddles…you name it!!  Reid loves the rain and his rain boots! - Sept 2010

We are especially lucky that our favorite neighbor offered to teach Reid swim lessons this summer.  She has taught every other kiddo in the n’hood how to swim, and Reid just adores Ms. Beth.  Our friends Stacey & Charlie joined us for lessons, but somehow I never snapped photos when we were together!  (Argh!)

Here are some fun pics of Reid learning to swim this summer with Beth: Reid the water baby - Sept 2010Ms. Beth teaches Reid how to blow bubbles - Sept 2010Learning to jump in off the side of the pool! - Sept 2010"Reach for momma's toes!" - Sept 2010Thank you, THANK YOU, Beth!!  We are so lucky to have you as a neighbor and a friend!  Reid just loves you and your family…and so do we!!

Ms. Beth, Paige (her daugher) and Reid - Aug 2010


Anonymous said...

What a darling water baby and the cutest "fish" in the water. It's great Reid loves the water.
Love you, Reid!

Bev said...

I love this post! You've captured so many great moments.