Friday, April 3, 2009

Reid’s First Big Day

Here are a few photos from Reid’s first few days. He is being a great little boy!




Reid, hot off the presses, and hot under the heating lamp.




How much do I weigh? 8 pounds, 12 ounces. While he lost a little weight initially (as most newborns) do, he is working to gain that back and then some.




Reid is 20 minutes and 28 seconds old in this photo. You can see the timer in the background directly above his little head.






Hello world, check out my soapy butt-cheeks!





Sleepy little guy!





Stay tuned for more fun photos of Reid and the family!


Anonymous said...

those are cute soapy butt cheeks. He looks so sweet. Xoxo ~Sarah~

stephanie said...

I love him so much!!! That little yawn :)

Holly Remington Kubaney said...

I am so happy to show all my co-workers my beautiful nephew! I've never waited so anxiously for something on a computer in my life!!!! I love him already!
Love, Auntie holly

Bev said...

Ha ha! Soapy butt cheeks are so much fun! We are so happy for you and Jeremy (and Sadie) Little Reid is so beautiful :)