Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tate is Four Months!

Check out our little cutie pie!


When Reid was four months old, I was averaging a post or two a week. These days, I am lucky to keep up with my two growing boys. I wish I was better about posting, but I’m doing my best!


When people meet Tate, they always seem to comment on how smiley and happy he is, and then when they ask how old, they are surprised. “Yeah, he’s big,” I say. He is growing so fast, I’m already setting aside clothes for all my preggo friends having boys! Here’s the latest from his well-check two weeks ago:

Height: 27.5 inches (off the charts!)

Weight: 16lbs. 14oz (86 percentile)


He has rolled over twice, and I guess decided it wasn’t “all that” because he hasn’t done it since. (In his defense, we were at yoga and he may have been showing off for a cute little two month-old girl.)IMG_3677

Tate is super sweet, cuddly and happy. He is very ticklish and loves to giggle at his brother. He is chatty when Reid isn’t around, but when he is, quietly watches what Reid is up to. (Foreshadowing? I think so. )


Tate really seems to enjoy being outside, just like a Remington boy should. He loves to look around, feel the wind and watch the trees. We have been sitting outside on the patio and playing out in the back yard lately. It will be too hot before we know it!


He has been a good sleeper both for naps and at night. (Knocking on wood that it continues!!) One of my favorite things he does is as he’s falling asleep, he nuzzles into my neck and wraps his arm around my neck. Swoon! At this point he sleeps well in the crib, swing, car, and everyone’s favorite, in your arms. :)


Tate is teething right now so he’s doing a lot of chewing and drooling. We got him the “best teether” toy and he loves it. Reid renamed him Luke. (I don’t know why but that cracks me up!)


Tate has a lot of nicknames, as does everyone in my life. He is most often called Tater, Tater Tot, Tay-Ta, or Beefcake.


Oh, one last thing: we think he’s the cutest baby ever. (Don’t tell Reid…) It is very hard not to nibble on him all day!

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Holly said...

OMG, HE IS THE CUTEST BABY EVER!!!!!! I can't believe how BIG he is getting! Those pictures are the best, but I have to admit my favorite one is of the 3 boys! I can't wait to hold him! I don't plan to put him down for the entire 2 weeks that you are here (look out, Ammy!). love, Love, LOVE you all! EE-Ow-EE (AKA Aunt Holly :-)