Sunday, October 25, 2009

Reid & Ava Join Double Date Night

Remember little Ava?  Reid was born two days after Ava.  We had our first playdate with Mommas and babies back in early May when they were only a month old.

We saw Ava and her parents Chris and Susan for a double date.  We went to Z-Tejas and sat out on the patio.  Reid was interested in checking out Ava, but being a gentleman, he asked her parents first.  Reid & Ava - 6 1/2 months oldReid & Ava - 6 1/2 months oldSusan & Ava, 10-16-09After dinner, it started to get a little chilly on the patio so we bundled him up and he kept playing happily!Reid enjoying date night on the patio of Z-Tejas, 10-16-09


Anonymous said...

Darling, darling little babies! Ah....Z-Tejas....good choice for a first double date. I know my little Reid was a good boy. He sure looks like he enjoyed himself.
Love you,

Holly Remington Kubaney said...

Wow, what adorable babies! I had to laugh at your version of "bundled up", though! Ammy will be bringing Reid an early Christmas present- would have been perfect for his 1st date :-). Love, Holly

Uncle Jeff said...

He looks chilly!........"I'm not chiweeeee!"