Sunday, May 31, 2009

Big Saturday for Reid!

We had a big Saturday yesterday! Jenny went out to run some long overdue errands, and since Reid is not quite ready to help me with the yard work, we decided to hang out in the morning and watch some of the new 2009 AMA Motocross season that we had recorded on the old DVR.

Reid had a round of vaccinations on Thursday morning and was not quite feeling himself on Friday and even on Saturday morning. By Saturday afternoon, though, he was acting much more like himself, so we decided to head on over to the Martini’s for the evening to grill and hang out.

Before heading out, Reid spent some quality play time on his “jungle mat”. For the first time, he was clearly reaching out and grabbing objects that he wanted rather than just wiggling about!IMG_6640 We had a wonderful dinner with Kellie, Dave, and Sara, who was in from Dallas visiting for the weekend with her little girl, Kate. Kate  seemed to really like Ethan’s motorcycle. Reid cannot wait to get his little butt-cheeks on Ethan’s sweet ride.IMG_6645 Kellie managed a squeeze or two in between all the cooking.IMG_6657Dave and Ethan also managed to get some good snuggles with Reid. At times, everyone even snuggled him all at once!IMG_6663IMG_6676Towards the end of the evening, Sara rocked Reid to sleep. She did such a good job that he managed to sleep from about 9pm. He slept through the car ride home, getting him out of the car, upstairs and into his cribby, and then he managed to sleep straight through the whole night until 6am this morning. That is officially Reid’s first night sleeping all the way through, and hopefully the start of something new!


Kellie said...

It must have been the Martini's! Ha Ha! So glad you guys came over! It was a blast! Hope to see you again soon! Love you guys! Kellie, Dave and Ethan

Anonymous said...

Glad little Muffin Man is feeling better from his shots. What a great day you had with the Martini's and Sara and Kate! Glad Reid had a good time too and slept so long for you! He is changing so quickly. I miss him tons.
Love you all!
Ammy said...

Is that a Johnny Cash t-shirt? You have the coolest kid ever!