Sunday, May 3, 2009

First Play Date

I’m sure there are many, many more play dates in our future but this first one was a lot of fun! 

You may not be able to tell but two of the three babies got pretty upset right as we snapped this photo! :)

Reid has two new friends:  Cabo and Ava.  All three babies were born within days of each other!

Reid with his new friends Ava and Cabo!

Beautiful little Ava was born on March 26.

Ava PutaansuuReid’s birthday was March 28.

Reid Remington And sweet Cabo’s birthday was March 30.

Cabo Lopez

Gretel & Cabo

My good friend Amie also stopped by during her lunch break.  Her due date was Friday so she was getting a taste of what’s to come for her!  Maybe the time with three babies was all she needed to encourage her little one!  Amie welcomed her daughter Raquel Eve early this morning!  Congrats, Amie!!

Jenny & Amie

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stephanie said...

looks like fun! Baby Reid has some good friends to play with :)